Chandler Run Sold Puppies

Here is our new page where we will be uploading photographs of Yorkshire Terriers that have been placed in happy homes or purchased by selected breeders for their own breeding programs. Chandler Run carefully screens prospective buyers to be sure the homes are suitable for our puppies.

Check out our PUPPIES page to see some of the irresistable offspring of our Yorkshire Terrier males and females. For more information, email us at

Sold Puppies

Here are collages of our Yorkie puppies that have gone to loving homes.

sold puppies sold puppies sold puppies sold puppies



Andrew with Chewy

Christmas Surprise

Andrew Lawhorne and his new Chandler Run puppy Chewy enjoy the season together. The Lawhornes are delighted with their new family member!

New Home for Chewy

Colorful Puppies

Parti Pups

What a beautiful pair of Chandler Run parti puppies in the arms of their happy owners, Sarah and Jessie.

Sold Parti Pup

Sassy/Camelot's Puppies

Parti Female

This awesome parti went to Teena Currie of Texas Star Yorkies and will be added to her breeding program.

Sold Parti Female

  • Beautiful coat
  • Tiny face
  • short back, cobby body
  • Charting to be 6 lb
  • AKC-reg

Sold Puppy